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Brand Identity / Branding Collateral / Marketing Materials

Brand identity for MEELZ, a platform powered by the world’s greatest chefs that brings to you the best of the food world.

MEELZ is a chef-powered marketplace sprouting in the UAE, specialized in chef-curated on-demand dishes, meal kits, masterclasses and more. SuperCluster developed a vibrant look for them with fresh colors, lush illustration that resonates emotionally with consumers and reflects the brand’s active, fresh, delicious and motivating character. To build a recognisable visual language, we found the inspiration in basic tastes: sweet, spicy, salty and sour, so we visually presented them as playful shapes that enhance the overall vibrant feel of the brand. The shapes formed the patterns that extended to packaging graphics, collaterals and promotional materials like posters, displays and swag. The new brand identity effectively highlights the convenience, freshness, quality, and positive experience MEELZ provides to its customers, creating a strong brand image and fostering customer loyalty.

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