The Challenge

the Old

Serbian Road Traffic Safety Agency contracted our studio to revamp the existing project called Pažljivko (which translates to ‘the one who is very cautious’). The project aimed to educate young children, age 5 to 7, about safety in road traffic. The project’s main idea was to help children learn about traffic rules and road safety with the assistance of an illustrated character – a boy called Pažljivko. The project had started several years ago but went through a long pause, so a completely new design concept was needed for the promotion of the idea.

Serbian Road Traffic Safety Agency

Illustration / Design / AR / VR

2020 - 2021

The Concept

Taking the Best
from Two Worlds

Our idea was to promote learning from books, but at the same time to use all the advantages of digital technology. Young children today are dependent on mobile technology almost as much as their parents. So, we created an interactive book that can be used to learn and practice new knowledge through gamification.

Typography and Color Usage

Primary Color Palette

Secondary Palette

The Design

Different Media
the Same Look and Feel

The main character’s design, Pažljivko, and the book environment had to be modernized to correspond to the visual style of modern computer games and remain print-friendly. We used a 3D illustration style to make the design appear more realistic and vivid. We developed a set of facial expressions for the boy to be implemented in the 3D animation of his character.

Application in Learning

Making it Real

The book contains rich illustrations of everyday situations the boy-protagonist encounters on his way to school and advice on how to react in each one of them. Every situation can be played out using an augmented reality application where children can choose different options and learn the correct ways to navigate city traffic. In this way, the book and a smartphone complement each other, and children create the habit of using them alternatively for learning and entertainment.

In addition to the AR application, we also developed a unique polygon and an application that uses Oculus 2 headset for a virtual reality experience. In this way, children can enter the book environment and experience different traffic situations in an exciting but safe way. We used the Unity engine to create AR and VR solutions.

Communication Approach

Rich Experience

To make the project even more attractive, we developed a traveling theatre play that went on tour visiting schools, VR polygon experience, and organized tournaments in playing the Pažljivko video game.

Billboards and posters were used as additional tools to promote the project and announce school events and promotions.

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