Video and Photo Shooting for Balkan Mining

July 10, 2018

It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to visit locations like Balkan Mining is. Since we needed the design materials for the website and other presentational materials, we have arranged an on-site photo shoot. The Balkan Mining Corporation is a company that is mining the gray marble called Plavi Tok ( we have also done branding for the stone, you see it on the link ). They have a quarry near the city Pozega in Serbia, so we hit the road. The location was very inspiring and we were amazed by the size of it. We did the shots of the place, but we were more interested in the process and that was really something new to us. The mountain is cut by the big cutting knight. From there, they pull the huge blocks of marble that are selling as the raw material, or it continues refining the material and reshaping it to commercial marble tiles.